This welcome to my studio  my name is Anna Lauren, Mom, Entrepreneur, and Permanent Makeup Artist.  I absolutely love my work, I am so grateful to have found my passion in life.  Being able to help men and women feel confident, beautiful and strong by enhancing their natural beauty is an amazing gift. 


At my studio I pride myself in using high quality products to insure the safety of my clients.  I am a Certified and Licensed Cosmetic Tattoo Artist specializing in the art of eyebrows.  I am licensed and certified in Microblading, Machine Shading, Eyeliner, Lip Blush and Freckles.  

I continue to expand and also offer Freckles, Henna and Brow Lamination.  There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know. I hope you enjoy the site and take a moment to drop a line if you have any questions.  



How to Prepare

 DO NOT consume alcohol, caffeine or take any blood thinners (aspirin, ibuprofen, Niacin 48 hours before your procedure, this will cause excess bleeding and may affect your results for microblading eyebrows )

No tanning, sun exposure 2 weeks prior

No waxing, tweezing, threading or tinting  1 week prior to procedure

No Botox, Fillers, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, Retina-A or Alpha Hydroxy Acid Products 4 weeks prior to procedure

You may come in to your appointment with how you normally draw in your brows so I can see what you are used to.  This is especially important for clients who desire a specific brow shape. If you are open to suggestions, I am happy to help design a custom brow to personally suit you

You may experience hypersensitivity and more pain around or during your menstrual cycle

Consult your doctor for any specific concerns  prior to permanent cosmetic makeup such as a recent surgery, current medications-particularly blood thinners

How to Heal

 Healing takes 6-8 weeks for Microbladed and Powdered Eyebrows

Avoid sun exposure for 4 weeks 

Avoid pool, sauna, steam room for 2 week

No physical activity for 1 week

Do NOT use Vasline, Bepanthen, 

A&D Ointments, Neosporin 

Follow Post Op Instruction Sheet and apply recommended ointment

50% of the final result is related to a good aftercare routine


DO NOT expect your eyebrows to heal perfectly after the first session. This can be a 2 step process. 

BE PATIENT during your 10 day healing process your brows will change and appear different from day to day.

Immediately after your procedure brows will appear darker and more defined and this will last up to 2 weeks . Your brows can appear more solid, hair strokes may seem to disappear and it may look wet and painted on. Around days 4-5 you will experience flaking and your brows may look dry. 

DO NOT PICK your brows, let any dryness fall off naturally. If flakes gets picked off prematurely missing hair stokes will result and cause patchy brows which can lead to scarring. 

When the flaking comes off the hair strokes may seem faint this is because a fresh layer of skin has healed over the brow tattoo. Give your brows a few weeks and the hair strokes will become clearer.  Color will continue to change on a daily basis until all healing is complete at the 4 week mark. 

You may experience itchiness in the brows after the 10 days for up to 2 months due to the healing process of the dermal layer. 

Not everyone's hair stoke brows can heal clean and crisp. Hair-strokes for oilier skin types tend to heal more solid and powdery while drier skin types tend to heal more crisp and defined.  Also for those who bleed more may tend to need more color boost touch-ups as the blood pushes the pigment during the procedure.  

Long Term Care & Color Boost Appointments

  Allow your brows a MINIMUM of 6 weeks to heal before booking a touch up. 

Color Boost's are typically done within the first 3 months after the initial appointment.   

Do not expect perfect results after the first session of permanent cosmetic makeup.

Darker skin and oily skin women, permanent makeup will not look as bold or sharp compared to lighter, dryer skin type's.

There is no guarantee of results, as everyone’s result will vary due to skin type, lifestyle and the initial 10 day care and long term care of your brow tattoo.

Use at least SPF 50 to protect your brows, sun exposure will cause fading and can alter the color of your tattoo.

Do not use chemical exfoliates on the brows, this will case the brows to fade faster.  

Do not do laser your brow area (IPL etc), some lasers may change the color of the ink.  As the tattoo fades the strokes will get fainter and less defined. 

Maintenance is required to maintain desired results. Color Boost's are done on average every 9 - 24 months to maintain you brow tattoo.




Microblading, Powdered and Combination Eyebrows

Microblading, Powdered and Combination Eyebrows

Microblading, Powdered and Combination Eyebrows

 Microblading eyebrows is a technique that creates very fine lines or strokes to replicate the look of real hairs.  Manually applied with different types of microblades.  The size and thickness of the blades can determine how the hair strokes will look. Permanent cosmetic makeup will eliminated time spent applying makeup every morning or worrying if your eyebrows will still be there at the end of the day.

For a client with excessively oily skin, this technique will result in a soft powder stroke.  Dry skin types tend to heal with a more crisp defined result.  Microblading is ideal for normal to dry skin types.  Depending on your personal style, Microblading can transform your eyebrows to a youthful, thicker natural look.

The procedure takes two to four hours and an anesthetic is applied to decrease any pain or discomfort during the procedure.  Typically semi  permanent makeup will last one to two years.

Is Microblading right for you?

Microblading, Powdered and Combination Eyebrows

Microblading, Powdered and Combination Eyebrows


Permanent cosmetic makeup is not recommended  for clients who are or have any of the following: 

-Pregnant or Nursing


-Undergoing Chemotherapy 

-Viral infections (diseases)

-Botox injections (wait at least 3 weeks after injections prior to treatment)

-Organ transplant


-Sick with a cold or flu like virus

-Used Accutane in the past 6 months

Always contact your physician to make sure this is the right procedure for you

Happy Clients

Microblading, Powdered and Combination Eyebrows

Happy Clients


The idea of having my microblading eyebrows made me a little nervous, however Anna made me feel comfortable and confident in my decision.  She had a gentle hand and made the whole experience worth it. My eyebrows look amazing after Microblading every day. -Jenny 

I cannot say enough good things about Anna.  She is a natural at microblading eyebrows.  I am beyond pleased with my results.  I went in with no shape and little brows and came out with perfect brows that shape my face.  I even feel more confident going around without makeup! Anna was sweet and talked with me through the entire process step by step.  I wasn't nervous for a second.   If your looking for perfect brows Anna's your girl! -Christy  

I was a little nervous at first to do the microblading, but the second I started talking with Anna all nervousness went out the door! She was so sweet, welcoming and confident about what she was doing, which made my experience amazing! I am constantly getting compliments on my eyebrows and I feel so good about them. I can’t say enough good things about Anna and the work she did!     -Heidi



How to Prepare

Learn what products/supplements you will need to take, prior, during and after the procedure.  One week before the appointment use the recommended lip scrub, then keep lips hydrated and moisturized leading up to the appointment.  No alcohol 24 hours before. 

How to Heal

Follow recommended after care instructions and take products/supplements for the 1-7 days.  Avoid water, makeup, excessive sweating, no sauna, pools or sunbathing. Apply healing balm daily.

Long Term Care

Touch up appointments are best 8 weeks following procedure.  Use SPF sunscreen for face and lips daily.


How to Prepare

How to Prepare

How to Prepare

Do not tint (dye) your eyebrows for 3 months prior to Henna procedure.

How to Heal

How to Prepare

How to Prepare

Keep Henna eyebrows dry for the first 24 hours following your appointment. Best this is there is no healing envolved!

Long Term Care

How to Prepare

Long Term Care

Henna last on the skin for 2 weeks, and the eyebrow hair for 4-6 weeks.  



How to Prepare

Lash growth serums must be stopped 3 weeks prior. Removal of eyelash extension must be completely removed.

How to Heal

Follow recommended after care instructions and take the products and supplements for the first 1-7 days.  Avoid water makeup, excessive sweating.  No saunas, pools or sunbathing.  Apply healing balm daily.

Long Term Care

Touch up appointments are best 8 weeks following the procedure.  Using an SPF sunscreen daily for your face, as well as hats and sunglasses are highly recommended.